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Fleet of 26 buses transports 550(approx.) students on a daily basis. It can logically be deduced that almost 300 cars have been kept off the roads approaching the sections of the school, not once but twice a day. The scheme has eased vehicular congestion and noise pollution considerably and many other schools in the city have emulated this system.

Some Rules:

The safety and comfort of all students travelling on buses are of primary importance. Bus operators and drivers are required to comply with occupational health and safety requirements and will take action if students put themselves or others at risk. Therefore, all students travelling on buses should follow the Code of Conduct.


MisbehaviourMay lead to
such as using offensive language, spitting, damaging property, eating on the bus, distracting the driver with persistent noise.
Students may be banned from travelling on buses up to ten school days.
such as seriously harassing or bullying other passengers, letting any part of your body protrude from the bus, throwing objects inside or outside the bus, carrying dangerous items
Students may be banned from travelling on buses up to ten school days.
such as interfering with safety equipment, fighting, pushing students out of the doors or windows, assaulting the driver or other passengers and destruction of bus property.
Students may be banned from travelling on buses.
  • These penalties reflect the seriousness of the misbehaviour. They ensure that all students who misbehave on buses are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner, no matter which bus operator or school is involved.
  • If students are refused travel, parents must make alternative travel arrangements and meet any costs of that transport
  • Note also that in addition to any penalties imposed under this Code of Conduct, the school principal may take other strict action as per school rules.

For any query related Transport,Please contact
Transport In-Charge : 09414631046
School : 0154-2465813