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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Q. What languages are taught at the school?
Ans. English, Hindi, Sanskrit & Punjabi languages are taught in school.

Q. What is the homework policy?
Ans. Home assignments are as per the learning requirements of children.

Q. What is the class strength of NOSEGAY?
Ans. Forty.


Q. What co-curricular activities does the school offer?
Ans. Director Co-Curricular regularly conducts co-curricular activities. They are designed to develop soft skills and personality of children.

Q. Does the school take students on field trips?
Ans. Regular educational excursions national and international are conducted every year.

Q. How and when PTA meets are conducted?
Ans. Usually once in a month a PTA meet is conducted to discuss the various developmental issues of children and school.

Q. What are various competitions in school?
Ans. Science Exhibition,Multiplication Tables Competition,Hindi Recitation,English Recitation,Sports Week,English & Hindi Calligraphy,Maths Aptitude Test,Recycling of Waste,Extempore,English Essay Writing Competition,Solo Song Competition ,Hindi Debate Competition,Cyber Aptitude Test,Science & IT Fair,Maths Olympiad,Extempore,English Essay Writing Competition,Solo Song Competition,English Communication Skill Competition,Science & IT Fair,Extempore,English Essay Writing Competition,Solo Song Competition,Business Fair,Extempore.

Q. What are various competition school host?
Ans. School had a honour of conducting six times the CBSE Zonal and Cluster tournaments.


Q. Is transportation provided by the school?
Ans. Generally transport is available for city and adjoining places.

Q. Due to change in residence, how do I change the bus route of my child currently using is?
Ans. As per the vacancy and route the transport facility is provided to children.


Q. What are security measure in place at the school?
Ans. Our entire campus is under camera surveillance and around 20 security guards take care of security.

Q. What if my child get sick at the school?
Ans. Immediate medical assistance is provided through school ambulance to nearby hospital.