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Hostel Rules

Hostel – Dos and Don’ts

In order to ensure and provide a safe and pleasant living environment in the School Hostel, some ground rules have been established.

Nosegay expects the “Inhabitants of School Hostel” to set examples of good behaviour, etiquette, and ethics. Therefore, all Hostellers are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  • Timetable: Students and Staff Members should strictly follow the “Hostel Schedule and Timetable” including that of “Evening Study Classes”.
  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: Students and Staff Members are expected to keep their living spaces and rooms tidy and in orderly fashion. Any maintenance issues should be reported promptly to the designated authorities.
  • Respect for Property: Any destruction or vandalism of School and Hostel Property is strictly prohibited. Responsible Students and Staff Members found in violation of this rule will face penalties, which may include fines deducted from their security deposit.
  • Common Areas: All inhabitants should keep the common areas in a clean and orderly condition. Any misuse or damage to these areas should be immediately reported.
  • Hostel Mess: Students are prohibited from entering the kitchen or any restricted areas of the Hostel Mess. This is to ensure the safety and hygiene of the food preparation areas and to respect the privacy of the Kitchen Staff.
  • Food Consumption: Students are not allowed to take their food to their rooms. Meals should be consumed in the designated dining areas. This is to ensure maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the living spaces and to encourage social interaction among students during meal times.
  • Personal Belongings: School is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. It is advisable to lock away valuable items and not leave them in common areas.
  • Health Issues: Any sort of health issues or troubles should be quickly reported to the concerned authorities so that the student can be sent for local treatment or back to their home depending upon the severity of the issue.
  • Prohibition of Intoxicating Substances: Students are strictly prohibited to keep or/and consume any sort of intoxicating substances in the Hostel and School premises. Being found guilty, can lead to penalties and suspension or/and expulsion from hostel / school or both.
  • Prohibition of Materials: Students should not keep any sort of sharp devices / mobile phones / smart watches / tabs / laptops / electric kettles / induction plates / clothes ironing machine, etc. in their rooms. On being found to be in possession of any of the above, the concerned student will be liable to pay penalties.
  • Noise and Quiet Hours: Students should respect the quiet hours and maintain a noise-free environment, especially during study and sleeping hours. Excessive noise that disrupts the peace and comfort of others is not permitted.
  • Respect for Others: Everyone is expected to treat fellow students, staff, and guests with respect and courtesy. Discrimination, harassment, bullying, or any form of misconduct will not be tolerated and may lead to charge of penalties / suspension / expulsion from school / hostel or both, depending upon the severity of misbehaviour.
  • Internet and Technology: Students should use the internet and technology responsibly, following the school's guidelines for appropriate use. Hostel warden and proctor should make sure that students use computers for studies only.
  • Outpass: If any student wishes to go outside the school premises with their Parent / Guardian, they should take the outpass and necessary written permissions (with appropriate reasons and mention of number of hours / days), from the concerned authorities.
  • Visitors: All visitors to the Hostel including Parents / Guardians will have to make compulsory entries in the Visitor’s Book available at the “Hostel Entrance” with the Security Guard. No visitor shall be permitted to stay overnight in any part of the Hostel.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules may result in disciplinary action including warnings, penalty charges, suspension of privileges, or expulsion from Hostel / School or both, as deemed appropriate by the School Administration.